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Sign and Medium in information society

Show simple item record Al Hidari, Abdullah 2018-07-30T07:08:45Z 2018-07-30T07:08:45Z 2012
dc.identifier.issn 1985-8647
dc.description.abstract This Article deals with the problem of media education in the field of television studies in Arab mass-communication departments. Furthermore, it focuses on the necessity of re-considering the methods of teaching TV on account of its uniqueness at a time of major intellectual and technical developments. The media education in the field of television studies in Arab mass communication departments is not based on knowledge and intellect, neither does it posses a theoretical framework that acts as a scientific reference. It rather maintains total ignorance of thought in what surrounds the whole picture in theses and issues that explains its functions and analyses its dimensions, hence it is totally drowned in a pure technical system. Naturally, this situation does not allow for education capable of producing a well established media discourse that serves the current state of Arab culture. The field of technology in fact, if not being tightly controlled, adds up to the present weakness of ethical values. In this regard we mean by control the rationalization in dealing with and utilizing technical means. It was hence necessary to review the entire system of media education in general so that college education does not transform to mere vocational education producing a media industry that does not serve the community. en_US
dc.language.iso ar en_US
dc.publisher University of Bahrain en_US
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dc.subject sign and medium
dc.subject media education
dc.subject television studies
dc.subject Arab mass-communication departments
dc.title Sign and Medium in information society en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.volume 2012
dc.issue 01
dc.abbreviatedsourcetitle JHS

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