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Some Cultural Aspects in Arabic Language Textbooks Taught to the Second Cycle of Primary Education in Bahrain

Show simple item record Al Nasser, Hassan Shehab, Faisal 2018-08-02T06:47:58Z 2018-08-02T06:47:58Z 2001
dc.identifier.issn 1726-5231
dc.description.abstract The study aimed at identifying the cultural aspects and trends contained in the textbooks of the upper primary cycled (4th, 5th and 6th grades) and the extent of agreement between that culture of the primary education, and the crystallization of their cultural concepts. The sample of the study consisted of five Arabic language textbooks with a total of 840 pages. The five textbooks were analyzed according to their trends (economic, scientific, literary and behavioral) that ought to be taught to students at the end of the primary cycle, using an adequate instrument for that purpose. Analysis of the data obtained, revealed that there is a clear difference in the ratio of cultural aspects. The highest percentage was in religious views and spiritual values with 31.6%. The second important aspects were history and philosophy of Arab and human civilization with 25%. The problems of illiteracy and adult education did not receive any attention. Results showed that the role of banks did not exceed 2.43%. The reason was that issues of illiteracy and adult education have their own administration away from the directions of academic education. A noticeable result was the absence of the rarity and light issues with a percentage of 0.54%; such a result might be a consequence of the random inclusion of this topic into the curriculum. It was concluded that topics for this stage of education lack a clear and comprehensive plan, and a detailed map of the nature of culture that takes into consideration the pupils’ psychological, spiritual, scientific and economic circumstances in particular, and human issues in general. en_US
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dc.publisher University of Bahrain en_US
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dc.subject cultural aspects
dc.subject Arabic language
dc.subject textbooks
dc.subject second cycle
dc.subject primary education
dc.subject Bahrain
dc.subject الجوانب الثقافية
dc.subject اللغة العربية
dc.subject الحلقة الثانية
dc.subject لتعليم الابتدائي
dc.subject البحرين
dc.title Some Cultural Aspects in Arabic Language Textbooks Taught to the Second Cycle of Primary Education in Bahrain en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.volume 02
dc.issue 02
dc.source.title Journal of Educational & Psychological Sciences
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