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  • Rehman, A.; Shakir, Mustafa (2014)
    With the advancements in technology, need for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) increase due to user mobility and requirement to access data all the time. The best available quality of experience is provided by IEEE 802.16 ...
  • Othman, Ali; Ameen, Siddeeq Y.; Al-Rizzo, Hussain (2018-09-01)
    Packet Scheduling (PS) is essential in Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular system to handle huge traffic via allocating common resources among users. The main target of PS, in LTE systems, is the Radio Resource Management ...
  • Siddiqui, Eram Fatima; Nayak, Sandeep (2023-07-17)
    Mobile Edge Computing is a state-of-art technology which is being used to providereal-time environment by computing and responding in shorter timelines to the IoT generated requests. The task computation requests being ...
  • Bandyopadhyay, Anjan; Swain, Sujata; Dash, Dipti; Roy, Arup (2023-07-21)
    Resource allocation and pricing techniques in cloud computing is a challenging task for every researcher. Everyone try to find out a good solutions of resource allocation and pricing in a dynamic way. Every user give their ...

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