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Narrowing the Gap between Islamic Sects and Doctrines: principles and Methodologies

Show simple item record Al-Mahmoud, Abdul Lateef 2018-07-30T07:08:44Z 2018-07-30T07:08:44Z 2012
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dc.description.abstract Based on the call for narrowing the gap between Islamic sects and doctrine for the sake of unity of Islamic nation, and the results for failing to achieve these gods in the first part. In the second part, scientific reasons for the differences between Islamic sects and doctrines and why such differences have lead to dispute is dealt with. In the third part, reasons for hatred and among followers of these sects is illustrated. In the fourth part, calls for narrowing the gaps and types of calls and positions in terms of acceptance and rejection. The chapter also illustrates that these calls for cohabitation among followers of all doctrines and the principles for achieving these goals which are based on adherence and respect of joint common referenciality, and followers and scholars. In addition, dissemination of already agreed-upon issues and rulings, differentiating between the foundations of Islam and the foundations of the sects, leaving the judgment to Allah in the matters which Muslims have not agreed upon, increasing the sense of attaching oneself to the Hereafter, leaving the issues of history to Allah the All-knower of the Hidden, and concentrating on the contemporary Islamic affairs must be arrived at for the purpose of narrowing and limiting disputes. The second call concerns the reconciliation between the sects, and it is based on knowledge and research, and peaceful discussion between Muslim scholars and thinkers. This follows a methodology based on considering the Quran the source, purifying the second source (the Sunna), making the Quran a pre-ruling of the Sunna, making both Quran and the agreed upon Sunna the judge over the Sunna which is not agreed upon, considering the similarities and differences among the Islamic sects in issues, offering the principles of knowledge for discussions and comparing between them. This should also work under the objective of unifying the Muslim nation and defending if from the challenges it faces. en_US
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dc.subject narrowing the gap
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dc.title Narrowing the Gap between Islamic Sects and Doctrines: principles and Methodologies en_US
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dc.volume 2012
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