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Combating Racism through Jordanian and UAE Legislation Comparative Study with the Latin and Anglo-Saxon Systems

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dc.description.abstract National legislation differs in the extent to which it provides legal tools to combat racism. In Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, France and Britain, for example, combating racism is somewhat different from each other. In each country, national legislation prohibits racial discrimination and punishes racist acts and words, but the legislator in each country has not fully addressed the same concerns; In the Latin system, and in France in particular, it seems to be above all in allowing the inclusion of all in the Republic, based on the principle of complementarity. The Anglo-Saxon system, and in Britain specifically, the law aims to give all social groups an opportunity to prosper in a way that preserves their specificities at the same time. The implementation of the legislation also includes some differences. Jordanian and UAE legislation are somewhat closer to French law in terms of their reliance on criminal offenses, which are difficult to prove. The British legislator, on the other hand, preferred civil responsibility through the establishment of civil sanctions, as well as the establishment of a public body specialized in combating racism, the Committee on Racial Equality, which would assist victims and provide effective assistance to complainants. It seems that the French authorities have begun to draw some of these solutions in order to adapt them to the republican model of integration in accordance with the principle of complementarity. en_US
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dc.subject Racism en_US
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dc.subject Latin System en_US
dc.subject Anglo-Saxon System en_US
dc.subject Jordanian and UAE Legislations en_US
dc.title Combating Racism through Jordanian and UAE Legislation Comparative Study with the Latin and Anglo-Saxon Systems en_US
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dc.volume Volume 16 en_US
dc.issue Issue 1 en_US
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dc.source.title Journal of Law en_US

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