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17. International Review of Contemporary Learning Research (Discontinued)

17. International Review of Contemporary Learning Research (Discontinued)



e-ISSN 2210-1438​
​Founding Editor: Myint Swe K​​hine

No Publication Fee

​ This journal will explore contemporary approaches to research in learning from interdisciplinary perspectives. The scope of this journal is deliberately board. The articles in this journal will cover theoretical issues and research and development aspects with the goal of advancing knowledge about how students learn. The topics in this journal are drawn from the fields of cognitive science, educational psychology, anthropology, computer and information science, media and cultural studies and explore pedagogical, technological, sociological and psychological aspects of student learning. The journal will examine the social, organizational and cultural dynamics of learning environments, construct scientific models of cognitive development, and conduct design-based experiments.

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Editor in-Cheif:
Myint Swe Khine - University of Bahrain

Editorial Board

  • Keith Taber - University of Cambridge, UK
  • Danielle E Dani - Ohio University, USA
  • Hasan Deniz - University of Nevada - Las Vegas, USA
  • Douglas Clark -Peabody College – Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Wang Qiyun - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Baohui Zhang - Nanjing University, China
  • H. Taha-Thomoure - University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Chih-hung Wang - National Changhua University, Taiwan, ROC
  • H​atice Ferhan Odabasi - Anadolu University, Turkey
  • Salmiza Saleh - Science University of Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Tricia Kerr - University of Qatar, Qatar
  • Lisa Bell - University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Khalil Al-Khalili - University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Tago Sarapuu - University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia

  • ​​​​​​The papers submitted can be any of the following forms.

    Research Article – ranges from basi​c and applied empirical studies employing complex methodologies such as experimentation, questionnaire, survey, evaluation etc. using qualitative or quantitative approaches.​

    Literature Review and Metanalysis Studies – synthesis of reviews from abstracted journals are viable in this category. ​

    Commentary article on theories and models – issues on previous theories and models are acceptable.

    Documentation of best practices – papers on institutional strategies, evaluation, and documentation of best practice in line with assessment, measurement, and evaluation.

    Authors are requested to follow the directions presented in the following IRCLR template.docx and fill the following SPC copyright.pdf ​ and then submit through "Submission button"

    Review Steps
    All manuscript will be assigned to more than one reviewer through 5 steps. As soon as we receive an article, the Editorial office will Pre-Review your manuscript in one week. The officer will check whether the manuscript is valid and language is fluent and necessary factors are all included. The officer will also cross check the article in crossref database in order to avoid plagirsm. The following is a formal review process accomplished by other official reviewers for one month. It is decided by Editor-in-Chief in one week whether your manuscript is accepted or not. All submitted papers will be reviewed in about six weeks.
    Chart 1

    Type of Peer Review
    This journal follows blind reviewing process, where both the referee and author remain anonymous throughout the process.

    Formal Conditions of Acceptance
    Each article submitted to us will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. Moreover the papers will be checked for linguistic consistency. Thematic review will decide whether to accept or reject according to the originality, significance for theory and practice, quality of content and presentation of submitted paper.
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