1- Upraising the publishing of scientific production by faculty members at the University of Bahrain, and reserving it in an updated data base with commitment to achieving the ambitions of the university of becoming a nourishing source of scientific production according to a well studied working procedure.

2- Unification of publishing policies of all scientific periodicals that are published by the University of Bahrain, and connecting them to only one leading unit for the assurance of meeting the standards of respectable scientific journals like regularity of issuance, becoming indexed and abstracted in global data bases, and getting impact factors.

3- Prosecution of the scientific and administrative affairs of all periodicals published by the University of Bahrain Assisting current text journals published by the University of Bahrain to transfer to open access electronic journals, and encouraging all academic departments at the university to establish their own electronic journals.

4- Marketing the University of Bahrain scientific production through participating in local and global book fares, and facilitating interchange of scientific production between the University of Bahrain and other local and global academic and research institutes.

5- Training researchers through organizing workshops, conferences and conventions that focus on issues and trends related to scientific publication.