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Perspective Coaching and Perspective Psychology as Foundations for Perspective Education and Mindfulness Based Neurodiversity Training (Birth to Career-Readiness)

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dc.description.abstract Rigorous national standards for Educator preparation programs (EPPs) are inherently bound by a responsibility to promote and foster critical and analytical thinking. But the current educational system is failing in this realm, as well as failing to recognize neurodiversity and the need for overall wellness in school systems. Utilizing Perspective Coaching, Perspective Psychology and Perspective Education the author tries to shed light on how we can promote critical thinking in training interns to devise perspective education programs, as well as mindfulness and wellness programs that have long lasting impacts. Such training involves three new ways to gain perspective in life and affect the social and political spheres in a positive way. To show how coaching interns can ultimately result in real societal impact and real change this article provides examples of educator preparation activities for equity and mobility aimed at enhancing networking skills during clinical practice in urban communities. The author discusses efforts in training candidates in a hybrid program where online courses are given alongside internships across diverse communities, utilizing satellite locations within ‘closed’ communities to train across community lines. In order to bridge the divide between different communities in New York City (which can be looked at as a microcosm of a global community) the author illustrates how he utilized the three awareness-enhancing approaches (the three tenets of Perspective Coaching) for activities that help candidates from marginalized urban communities envision their best future selves, and ultimately better their own prospects for equity and mobility to augment their confidence level so that they could better engage students and communities over the long-run. In recent years, and even through the coronavirus crisis, such approach allowed candidates to learn from each other (through ‘brain-boosting’ perspective taking activities) by sharing their culturally relevant experiences in a profoundly analytical manner. This is due to the fact that Perspective Coaching was developed as a ‘brain expanding’ professional development experience in diverse settings (educational, business, social) and involves thinking beyond ‘tribal’ lines, with added implications for neuroeducation and neuropolitics. Looking at a bigger picture, the author contends that we need to look at the mind-body connection when employing Neurodiversity training in order to view any educational process, and humanity, from a more mindful place en_US
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dc.subject Perspective Coaching en_US
dc.subject Educator Preparation Programs en_US
dc.subject Perspective Psychology en_US
dc.subject Perspective Education en_US
dc.subject Mindfulness en_US
dc.subject Perspective Taking en_US
dc.subject Neurodiversity Training en_US
dc.subject Equity en_US
dc.subject Mobility en_US
dc.subject Equitable Practices en_US
dc.subject Educator Preparation Programs en_US
dc.subject neuroeducation en_US
dc.subject neuropolitics en_US
dc.title Perspective Coaching and Perspective Psychology as Foundations for Perspective Education and Mindfulness Based Neurodiversity Training (Birth to Career-Readiness) en_US
dc.volume Volume 9 en_US
dc.issue Issue 01 en_US
dc.contributor.authorcountry USA en_US
dc.contributor.authoraffiliation Graduate School of Education, Touro College and University System, New York, NY, USA en_US
dc.source.title International Journal of Pedagogical Innovations en_US

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