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Women's Sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain Fact, Challenges and Aspirations

Show simple item record Dr. Al-Gattan,Samia H. Dr. AL-Najjar , Anaam M. Dr. Al Khalifa , Hesa A. Dr. Mahdi,Hussain J. 2018-08-02T06:17:18Z 2018-08-02T06:17:18Z 2015
dc.identifier.issn 1726-3678
dc.description.abstract This study aimed to assess the women's sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain and explore the challenges and needs that will develop the sports of Bahraini women in terms of competitiveness. In addition it increases awareness of the sport recreation to enable women to overcome the social and psychological challenges and push forward the practices of life and health of women in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the opportunities available to them in this area. The paper can be summarized in the main goals to recognize the reality of the exercise of Bahraini women sports activities exploring the the most important challenges facing the Bahraini women in the exercise of sports activities, and the most important factors that influence the training of trainers for sports. The researchers followed the survey method as a suitable tool to the nature of the research. The total sample of the study Comprised of )752( Bahraini women between the ages of )15-60( years. The researchers administerd )5( questionnaires, one for each category of the study's five categories. The most important conclusion were health aspect as it may be the motive, "or an impediment" to the exercise of Bahraini women sporting activity. It turned out that )27.3%( of the practices is due to health problems. People with disabilities )28.6%(, showed that )73%( of then did not exercise the sport due to reasons related to lack of potenials. The most important recommendations were to increase the ladies places for sports activities and the distribution of these places on various goverments areas, and the issuance of legislations and laws and regulations regarding sports in schools, to be an important source of sporting talents to encourage companies and private institutions to support the women's National teams and women's sports teams. en_US
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dc.publisher University of Bahrain en_US
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dc.subject women's sports
dc.subject challenges
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dc.title Women's Sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain Fact, Challenges and Aspirations en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.volume 16
dc.issue 03
dc.source.title Journal of Educational & Psychological Sciences
dc.abbreviatedsourcetitle JEPS

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